The Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange is the first-of-its-kind, online, global platform designed specifically for the buying and selling of lab-grown diamonds & fine jewelry.


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Our mission is to offer clients maximum exposure worldwide via efficient, cost-effective services that allow them to obtain the best possible prices.

Sellers list lab grown diamonds for sale with the Exchange. We verify the authenticity of all items before they are made available for purchase. Buyers can confidently browse available items for sale & purchase them securely through us.

Our community is built on trust. We remove the uncertainty of buying or selling lab grown diamonds online by providing a transparent & reliable platform for selling verified diamonds & jewelry.

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The difference in what a consumer must now spend for a "natural mined" gem versus a lab-grown has become so significant that once the buyer realizes they are both diamonds, the choice of an LGD is a no-brainer.


What makes the Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange a viable interactive forum is that buyers and sellers from throughout the world - consumers, retailers, distributors, brokers, jewelry manufacturers, etc, can all come together to one independent, international marketplace for LGDs.

Buyers and sellers are in equal positions. The sellers post their asking price and the market determines the buyer's cost.

Gems posted online are stored in secure vaults to guarantee delivery of the precise product sold or listed in the exchange by sellers.

Listed diamonds sold will be submitted to Independent Third-Party Gem Labs for verification and subsequently sent to the buyer.

We provide a transparent, reliable means of buying and selling your LGDs & jewelry. We also offer the following services.

1. Imaging and HD photographic services

2. Packaging, shipping, and insurance coverage

3. Escrow Services

4. Positive identification and authentication of the product being offered, along with lab-grown diamond grading reports thru Independent third-party gem labs.

The Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange does not express an opinion regarding lab grown diamond quality, value, color or clarity. Accompanying reports, provided by the seller, are attached to each description. Opinions and facts stated by the seller are not necessarily the opinions and facts of the LGDEX. We take no responsibility for the information disclosed on the seller's description or third-party reports. We will, however, verify and confirm the authenticity of the LGD being offered and all objective measurements and weights will be declared.


In July of 2018, after six years of intense negotiations, the Federal Trade Commission finally made official the fact that, whether produced underground or above ground, a diamond is a diamond!

This landmark decision, unanimously approved by a five-member FTC commission, was the first major overhaul of the Guides for the jewelry, precious metals, and pewter industries in 22 years and has brought about a sea change in an age-old trade.

Lab-grown gems have suddenly captured the imagination of modern consumers who now realize that fabulous diamonds are no longer beyond their reach. Currently being used for engagement rings, fashion jewelry, wedding bands, earrings pendants... LGDs are totally altering the landscape. They are beautiful, durable and affordable, and as a result, a burgeoning new market has emerged for a product that never before existed.

The success of LGDs is seriously shaking up the diamond industry, particularly among millennials who would much rather buy a larger gem for less money than a stone mined from the ground that's considerably more expensive and may have a negative impact on the environment.

The difference in what a consumer must now spend for a "natural mined" gem versus a lab-grown has become so significant that once the buyer realizes they are both diamonds, the choice of an LGD is a no-brainer.

LGDs are produced in highly-controlled laboratory conditions. They have the same chemical composition, crystal structure, and physical properties as mined diamonds and are extremely difficult to differentiate by use of a jeweler’s loupe or even a microscope.

The Laboratory Grown Diamond Exchange was created to protect the integrity of the LGD industry as the value of LGDs must be substantiated. The key to its success is the liquidity of the gems – the ability to turn them into cash. If there is no value after purchase, then the product truly may not be compared to mined diamonds which definitely have a resale value.